Pythia is an open source thermodynamically oriented primer design python module. Pythia can be used in two ways.

1. Executable binaries only: under windows with cygwin and python 2.5 (built with mingw, that comes with the cygwin release). These executables allow the user to index DNA files for primer specificity search, design one primer pair per region, and tile regions with PCR amplicons.

2. A python module: under windows with cygwin, python2.5, numpy, swig, and mingw, or under linux with python2.4 or later, numpy, and swig (everything but numpy should be pre-installed on a normal linux system). The module gets you everything that the binaries get you, in a more pythonic framework. This package also includes modules for computing DNA binding and folding energies using the partition function approach with publically available thermodynamic data.

Usage documentation is in the downloads.

Download pythia here . Logo